About Grünwald

Grünwald Company, Ltd. History

1989- The owner, who worked for the German branch of a major Japanese electronics company for over 12 years established Grünwald Company after returning from Germany. Isamu Okamoto takes office as the first generation / Representative Director.
1990- The first building apartment MÄDELHAUS (Daughter’s House) is completed in September, 1990
1992- The second building apartment Villa EDELSTEIN (Jewel Villa ) is completed in February, 1992
1995- The third building apartment Villa SCHÖNBRUNN (Beautiful Spring Villa ) is completed in February, 1995
1999- The fourth building apartment Villa Maximilian (Maximilian Villa ) is completed in February, 1999
1999- Tomiko Okamoto takes office as Representative Director in April, 1999
2000- The fifth building apartment house HAUS ROSENHEIM (Town of the Roses) entire surface remodeling is completed in February, 2000
2005- Foundation of private limited company, INFINION Company Yoko Okamoto joins private limited company, INFINION as Representative Director
2006- The sixth building, company Main House GRÜNWALD entire surface remodeling is completed in May, 2006
2006- Reorganize GRÜNWALD limited company into GRÜNWALD Corporation in November,2006.
2007- The seventh building apartment Villa MÄRCHENSCHLOSS (Fairy Tale Castle Villa) is completed in February, 2007
2007- Grünwald roadside tree completion in June,2007
2009- Grünwald guest house completion in October,2009
2009- The eighth building apartment Villa MARIENKRONE (The Virgin Mary’s Crown Villa ) is completed in Jan, 2010
2010- Yukiharu.K.Okamoto will take office as the third-generation Representative Director in February 2010.