Founding of Grünwald foundation prospectus

Our country has built a firm position as one of the major countries holding economic power in the world through the past half-century. This achievement was possible not only because of the postwar baby-boom generation, but also thanks to several generations which handed down the spirit of hard work as a Japanese virtue.
Japan has a unique culture that is rare in the world. It is rich in nature, beautiful scenery and architecture that we are proud to introduce to the world. I believe it is no exaggeration when we call it the ‘Shangri-la of the world’.

Unfortunately, I have to say that the number of people in the world who recognize this existence of Japan is not very big. I had the opportunity of studying abroad in Germany in my young days and experienced German society, which had a significant life changing influence on my mind. Therefore, I believe having experiences and seeing different countries in our youth when we are rich in sensitivity, expands an individual’s creativity and lets one have a wider vision of the world, which is the most important thing for potential growth in the future.
There are still many disputed regions in the world, which, in addition to global terrorism has been raising alarms. To work on building a peaceful world for the next generation in such a global situation, we need to work on generating opportunities to build mutual understanding and cultural exchange of young people globally, which will create the path to world peace. I would like to contribute a little to realize this path to world peace.

In order to realize this goal we have established a foundation to offer the opportunity for students all around the world to visit Japan, so that they can achieve a mutual understanding and experience exchange in culture, ideas, history, technology, etc.

Director of Grünwald Group

Intention of the Grünwald Foundation

The Grünwald Foundation offers students an exceptional opportunity for a three-month stay in Japan to get a huge knowledge in the culture, history, language and writing.
Above all, the international exchange and intercultural friendships are supported fully.

Grünwald mayor

Cooperation between Grünwald and the rotary club


Activities content

  • Three month stay in Japan
  • Free stay in a beautiful apartment
  • 50,000 yen per month support
  • Japanese language school
  • Insurance and high safety standard
  • Mobile Phone and WIFI
  • Numerous events offered
  • Personal lessons from the Grünwald Management Group in history and language

Tasks of the trainee

  • Trainee should be involved in the Japanese culture, history and language and always uphold the principles of the Grünwald Foundation.
  • Active participation in the following events:
    • German General Consulate
    • Japanese and German Society
    • Suita International Friendship Association ( SIFA )
    • Suita Rotaract Club
    • Osaka German Wine & Culture Society
    • Deutsch Meetz
  • Developing an own opinion about the Japanese and German culture
  • Strengthening the Japanese-German friendship
  • Every two weeks: report in German and English

Qualification of the following

  • Student (20-25 year)
  • Great interest in Japanese culture
  • Initiative for international exchange
  • Independent and having a opinion about foreign cultures
  • Self-confident and with a global mindset

Selection by the Grünwald Foundation: