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  3. ☆☆ Second essay of Astrid Kruppa, eighth trainee of Grünwald foundation ☆☆

☆☆ Second essay of Astrid Kruppa, eighth trainee of Grünwald foundation ☆☆

The Hachiko


The guests of an especially for me organized Welcome Party gave me a very cute nickname: “Hachiko”, which means “child of fortune”. This name puts the lucky number eight = Hachi and child or girl = Ko together.
Now I will try to explain you in this assay, why I am so a lucky girl with some short Expressions.
The number eight is very proper, because I am the eighth trainee of the Grünwald Foundation from Mr. Okamoto-san.
Further the food and the atmosphere that evening was a highlight, too, but not only on this evening for example I could join the experience eating excellent beef in Toyama, too. When I think of it now, it makes me still hungry. But what makes this to an special culinary experiences? As I am allergic to an ingredient in fish, I cannot enjoy all meals of the excellent Japanese cuisine.


However, I can try incredibly many, unknown to me delicacies and even while the big KaniKani dinner (= Crabmeat) other delicious goodies were served to me to avoid possible allergic reactions. Because of that I found out that Japanese have a strong sense of security for their fellow human beings and even live very healthy.


For example, every construction site is equipped with a security guard, especially for the safety of passenger and with funny fences, through in Germany only the simple red and white warning tape comes on the application. The fact that the Japanese live very healthy, I found out during my experience visiting a Japanese onsen (= hot spring) close to the coast, according to Japanese tradition in a kimono bathrobe. Because I enjoyed it so much, I also went with a real kimono through the small streets of Kyoto.


I almost could not really walk because the kimono was so tight and it was very difficult to walk properly with these shoes. The advantage is everyone looks really beautiful and I was able to feel like a princess when I was dressed up. If I had even tried to put on the kimono, I probably would have failed miserably.


Another special moment was when we went on a vacation day in the totally crowded Minoh Park. One thing is a fact, if the Japanese have freetime, then all Japanese are traveling. The crowds at the Munich Oktoberfest are harmless, however. Of course the problem was to find a parking spot, but when one was free I could arrange with my arms making an X a reservation for 10 min and Mr. Okamoto-san could get the car, witch was standing in the no-stopping area. Meanwhile, were perceived 20 cars and of course they wanted to park right there.
Thank God the Japanese remained as always polite and drove away. In Germany I would have let me in already in one or another way into a big discussion.

Conclusion: After a fantastic and especially sunny first month in Japan with wonderful adventures and experiences I can rightly say that my given nickname fits very well