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  3. ☆☆☆Sixth report of Mona Meiller, 17th scholarship holder of Grünwaldfoundation☆☆☆

☆☆☆Sixth report of Mona Meiller, 17th scholarship holder of Grünwaldfoundation☆☆☆


So finally I am writing my sixth and last report. It’s hard to believe how fast these three months have past. Before my journey started I was wondering a lot about what was expected of me, if I would be homesick and if my personality would change as soon as I returned home.

I can tell my journey to Japan has changed my point of view on several things positively. Additionally, I have become more conscious, open minded, funnier and more critical. Japan has helped me increase my ability to travel alone around the world.

Since I was spending a lot of time on my own and did a lot of tours, I got to know myself better and better every day. Because of my lone adventures I realised that I am an independent person that doesn’t necessarily need someone to feel satisfied. In Japan I went out of my comfort zone almost everyday, without a doubt this has turned out to be the most important thing to improve my personal development. Unfortunately it appears that in today’s world, thriving for unreachable perfection is the aim of so many people from all around the world. If we could start accepting ourselves with all our flaws and mistakes, in my opinion, a lot of people would be more happier. Through travelling on my own I learned how to accept myself more, above all this appears to make a lot of things easier in life.

Seeing the diversity of the people I have met during my journey, I realised how beautiful and eye opening it is that we humans live and think differently. Again I’d like to thank family Okamoto, Christine Waldhauser-Kuenlen, Matthias Weber and Miss Menacher from the bottom of my heart. Through your unselfishly support you have given scholars an extraordinary opportunity to thrive for more in life. I would particularly like to express a special thanks to my uncle Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Riederer, without him I’d never have had the courage to apply for the 17th scholarship of the Grünwald foundation.

Now that I am back I often think of my life in Japan, remembering all the gorgeous people I have met, I’d like to thank them for all experiences and memories. Finally, I will keep this shining country in my heart and am eternally grateful for this experience.