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  3. ☆☆☆Third Report of Christoph Jetter, 16th scholarship holder of Grünwald foundation☆☆☆

☆☆☆Third Report of Christoph Jetter, 16th scholarship holder of Grünwald foundation☆☆☆

In week five I joined a Symosium at Mr. Okamoto’s former University in Kyoto. Students, Professors and interested people discussed the German-Japanese relationships and how to improve exchange programs. This week’s trip with the students of KPU was to the famous city-festival “Jadai Matsuri” in Kyoto. The „Old Times“ festival represents historical events of Japan and presents the different governmental periods.

Together with some Japanese friends I used the nice weather to play tennis. We had great fun and invitations like this show the Japanese hospitality and the interest in foreign people. One-week later we met again, and I got accompanied by an Australian friend who I got t know during my language class. I also had the opportunity to accompany Mr Okamoto to the piano concert of Ms. Moriyama, who is a good friend of us. It was a great pleasure to listen to her piano skills together with her friend.

Having visited Kobe once already, I made the decision to go there again, since I really liked the city. Early in the morning I enjoyed the silence at the harbour followed by a nice view of the top floor of the city hall as well as the city centre. I regained some energy by eating „Gyudon“ with thin peace’s of Kobe beef before getting up the mountain close by. Up there I had a great view, visited an herb garden and enjoyed the sun lying in a hammock. On my way back to the city I visited Koji Matsuea, who I got to know during the German wine evening, at his wine store. Obviously, a wine tasting was scheduled. In the evening I used the opportunity to try Kobe beef in Kobe. A stunning taste and a truly unique experience.

As part of the planning process, Mr. Okamoto and I started to define my travel periods. Therefore, I studied some books to figure out where I want to go and double checked with Mr Okamoto. Even though I still must wait a few weeks I am already excited to see Japan beyond the Kansai area.

Ms. Moriyama and I had the chance to join the local Rotary Club for a daytrip to the countryside of west Osaka. Early in the morning we visited a Sake brewery and had a tasting. Afterwards, we enjoyed a traditional and stunning lunch in a classic Japanese house. Sitting on the ground we grilled meat, fish, vegetables and much more on the open fireground. After that we went to a pottery where we could paint our personal cup. Before heading back to Osaka, we stopped by an Onsen and enjoyed japans hot springs. Directly afterwards I spent the evening with some friends from Rotaract and we had a fun night with Japanese barbecue. A successfull Sunday!

In preparation for the upcoming advertisement movie shoot I have in cooperation with the local Goethe Institute, I spent a morning to practice the different spots. We had a good time and I am looking forward to the actual shooting day. Furthermore, Mr Okamoto and I made a trip to Himeji castle, which is worth a visit. From there I took the Shinkansen to Kyoto in order to present my work with the students of the KPU as part of a Symposium.