MÄDEL HAUS (apartment specially designed for women)


 This was the first apartment built by Grünwald. Named in German MÄDELHAS which means ‘Daughters’ House it was designed as an exclusive residence for single women.

 This apartment is ‘all electric’ and has automatic locks, big baths and the latest facilities which are all designed to make life as comfortable as possible for the residents.

The room of the extensive view

The room of the extensive view

A big bath/The hallway

A big bath   The hallway

  Each room has a floor heating system, a bath with an additional water heating system, and also a separate laundry room with dryer.

The view from MÄDELHAUS (You can look over the city of Osaka)

You can look over the city of Osaka

 The night view is particularly beautiful. In summer you can enjoy the view of the fireworks festival from your room.

  The penthouse is used as a guest room of the GRÜNWALD foundation. We welcome visitors from all over the world to come and stay here.